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A unique moment to be shared in a small group to understand and also to experience what gratitude can bring to our lives in the best and difficult times.


The studies on the Science of Happiness state that gratitude is a key element that contributes to our long-term well-being.
The neurosciences prove it : practicing gratitude daily is a guarantee of good physical, emotional and relational health.

To give after having received, helps us to resist to stress but also to be fully conscious of our interdependence.

To intentionally focus our attention on the happy happenings of our life and to avoid focusing on what we don’t have, doesn’t take away the negative emotions, but yet it triggers the development of positive emotions and feelings.

Workshop on demand.
« Of all that you go through something will grow and it will be you »

Walking coaching

The walking coaching is a practice that uses the nature as a vector of expression.

The motion maintains the body in action and keeps the mind alert. The walk allows to widen our horizons when faced with choices, problems and also widens our aspirations. One step after the other the path appears.

I propose this practice of walking coaching outdoors in nature, on paths, in the forest, in the parcs or public gardens, by a lake or river front. We take advantage of the metaphorical and sensory language that nature offers. The  awakened senses ease the assimilation and raise awareness.

In addition to connect to our feelings and emotions, the creativity is liberated and our imagination takes over. The motion liberates our mind and creates a space for a unique momentum of reflexion in the present moment and openness to new horizons. It turns down the internal dialog, the controlling of thoughts and facilitates the inner voice which can be shared with appropriate words in a fluent manner.

Moment of silence and introspection are easily generated and welcomed because of being outside in an opened space. The calm, serenity comes to nurture us and allow a step back. The external contemplation contributes to feeling relieved and it stimulates our inner guidance.

The first encounter is done at my office/cabinet to set and clarify your objectives and main area of work and to choose together an appropriate place outdoors for the first walking session.

I also organize some walking treks in groups, 2 to 4 days. It is organized around : individual sessions, walking time in silence and time to share in groups. 
« Let no one be deluded that a knowledge of the path can substitute for putting one foot in front of the other » Mary Caroline Richards